I am an Iranian-Canadian artist currently based in Toronto. Though I have studied and painted for just over 15 years I've been an artist my entire life. My story as my works are varied: realism, impressionism, and expressionism in different mediums like oil, acrylic watercolor, gouache, black sketch, color pencil and pastel. My culture, experience, and education allow me to create and express different ideas.

Every place and every scene in my life inspire me to create new work.  My works reflect warmth, affection and energy which I see and feel in everything around me.

During my career I have explored various styles. For example Miniature art is intrinsic to Iran and Iranian history and has a lot of attention to detail.  This experience in Miniature painting enables me to pay keen attention to detail in all my art.  My main direction is towards realism, but I am also interested in impressionism and expressionism. I apply the freedom that I get from expressionism and the vivid impressionist colors to my paintings.

Painting is my passion, and it consumes most of my energy and thoughts until a piece is completed. In my work I often express my passionate love for nature, flowers, and figure. I spend a great deal of time searching for images and their meanings, and then try to reflect their beauty in my work.  I’m inspired by portrait, landscape, flowers with vibrant colors, and I try to pass on this excitement to my audience. My paintings are the product of inspiration generated by place and experience; filtered through time and memory.

I have participated in several juries exhibition in Canada and I have received the Toronto Watercolor Society Award.

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