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Watercolor, Acrylic and Drawing Workshops

These workshops will expand your skills in drawing and painting. You will have a great time learning and get a good result. You will learn how to mix your paint and use brushes to make a beautiful brush strokes, these skills will give you the confidence to let your creativity run free and develop yourself in drawing and painting.
These Zoom online classes and workshops are live and you can make comments or ask questions and I will do my best to answer while I paint. Don't worry, you don't need a Zoom account or to download anything. Just click on the link that I send to you and it'll take you right there! 

Online workshops will be generally 2 hours long depending on the project. 
If you can't make it at the designated time, the class will be recorded for viewing or reviewing at a later time.
You will receive a list of materials for the workshop and in some cases a line drawing and reference image. 
If you have any questions regarding online classes and workshops please email me.

Register here:

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